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DYSPERSJA specializes in social and evaluation research. Based on the acquired knowledge, we formulate recommendations regarding public policies. We also prepare programmes aimed at achieving our clients’ goals.

The DYSPERSJA team consists of researchers and experts with many years of experience.

In statistics, the term ‘dispersion’ [dyspersja in Polish] refers to the potential spread of the value of a variable. In optics, the effect of dispersion is the separation of light into colours. Taking the complexity of social reality into account, we present a spectrum representation of the phenomena that are of your interest.

And we have been successful doing it since 2009.


The mission of DYSPERSJA is to acquire socially useful knowledge.

We get to know the true state of affairs through inquisitive research. We avoid routine. Experience serves us as a convenient starting point, not as a resource of ready-made solutions.

The knowledge we gather has practical applications. Based on the obtained results, we propose how to achieve goals pursued by our clients.

We believe in learning. We support our clients in drawing conclusions from previous experience and we expand our own knowledge and scope of competences.

We are allies of rationality understood as making decisions based on facts interpretation and arguments analysis.


In accordance with the previous experience and interests of the DYSPERSJA team, our main expertise fields include research on:

  • urban development
  • education and science
  • the labour market
  • economy innovation
  • social integration
  • supporting people in crisis
  • participation in culture
  • civil dialogue.

While gaining new experience, we successively expand the scope of expertise in DYSPERSJA.

Scope and Clients

Our offer is in particular targeted at public administration institutions, scientific institutes, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations and socially responsible companies. We have had the pleasure of working for most of our clients more than once. W commonly conduct research on a regional (voivodeship) scale but we also that of nationwide and international character, as well as research concerning one city, or one institution.


We adhere to the standards of the autonomy of conducted research, transparency of the process of collecting and analyzing data, confidentiality of information and data identifying respondents, as well as effectiveness of research. We invite clients to actively participate in the research process. We work as a team, appreciating the contribution of each person involved.


We select methods appropriate to the requirements of a specific research project from a wide variety of approaches, including: acquiring secondary data and collecting primary ones, quantitative and qualitative methods, overt or covert observation, as well as user experience research (UX).

Contact us

ul. Szymanowskiego 4 lok. 65
03-477 Warszawa

Phone number: +48 787 669 614

NIP: 822-103-24-97
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